is out of Beta | 30,000 players | 700,000 battles | First top-tier competition “LEGENDS” to win our first NFT Game Collectible | Trade cards on Stellar and more

We are officially out of beta! version 1.0 has just been released and it is packed with amazing features including the in-game shop and collectibles on Stellar!

Gaming First

Before we jump to the core feature of this release, let us start with an overview of the first 4 months of beta. You can check out the change log of all beta versions here, we came a long way! has seen 30,000 engaged players, with over 700,000 battles played and they have unlocked over 158,000 collectible cards.

Additionally, we have a dynamic and growing discord community with over 400 members now. There, we regularly discuss game design, balance and new card ideas with some of the top players. Come and share your ideas.

Play sessions from Litemint app and direct connections will remain ads-free however players using the embedded version of (from any gaming portals) will start seeing video ads. The revenue will be used to start and scale up user acquisition campaigns on the new 1.0 release.

4 Months of Beta!

Powered by Stellar

With the release of the shop, players can now:

  • Get their cards issued automatically to their Stellar wallet as they unlock them in game.
  • Take their cards to any battle directly from their wallet! True ownership.
  • Unlock all non-limited edition cards with CREDITS from the in-game shop.
  • Send CREDITS to any player account from any Stellar wallet in seconds.
  • Deposit, Withdraw and Trade their in-game CREDITS on the Stellar DEX.

If you need help to link your Stellar wallet to the game, check out the Youtube video below that provides a step-by-step guide along with instructions on how to withdraw your in-game CREDITS to your wallet. We will publish additional tutorials to help players with game asset ownership, concepts and advantages in the coming month.

Top Tier Legends Tournament

At the end of each season we run a top-tier competition to determine the winners of exclusive seasonal cards and rewards. Any player who has achieved Legend rank during the season is free to enter.

The registration period just ended and over 30 of our best Legend players will compete during the coming weeks to determine the ultimate winner of the first NFT (non fungible token) card issued on Stellar.

Click here to learn more about the format, rules and prizes. You will also be able to check the competition brackets on battlefy.

What’s Next?

Daily Quest

Are you up for a challenge? Kill 3 opponents with Armor Strike, Deal 200 Damage, Get 5 consecutive wins and so on… Daily Quests will allow players to earn CREDITS and/or exclusive cards every day!

Quests are easier to complete than the Daily Live Challenge (leaderboard) and are designed to allow casual players to unlock more content and become more competitive.

No More Lag

We have successfully completed the migration of all player accounts to Cosmos DB (a globally-distributed database built for low latency with elastic scalability) and are getting ready to deploy our EU and ASIA servers on release day.

Players will be able to play on any server with the same account so you can duel your friends from anywhere in the world!

If you have any issue with the game, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Thank you for playing and being part of this new experience!

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