Friendly, Feeless, Seamless NFT and Collectibles Marketplace on Stellar

Our upcoming, friendly, feeless and seamless NFT and collectibles marketplace experience.

As we are celebrating 46,000 players on and 600 members on Discord, we are also announcing the upcoming launch of our friendly, feeless and seamless NFT and collectibles marketplace—an experience that will be enjoyable directly on!

The service is expected to go live during Q1 2021 and we encourage you to join our daily discussions on Discord ( with our community to contribute feedback and suggestions.

Blackboxing the SDEX

The Stellar DEX is powerful, efficient and versatile! It provides an environment to freely trade any assets, with free pairing and virtually free transactions.

About a year ago, I published an article describing how NFTs can be issued on Stellar along with some examples of such assets issued on the Stellar livenet. The demo website is still available at But more than a demo, we now use this method to issue real-world NFTs in the game

Issuing our first NFT during eSports LEGENDS tournament

While issuing our first collectibles on Stellar last August, we also collected a lot of feedback from players. The general opinion was that users needed a friendly solution to trade their collectibles and NFTs on Stellar. We initially thought of creating some ad hoc tools within the Litemint wallet (e.g. NFT Factory), but quickly realized we needed a more universal approach to encourage discovery, search, and perpetuate the existing social engagement that we get from gamers and users.

So, we decided to develop a dedicated social platform abstracting the technical trading concepts of the SDEX and Stellar as well a providing discovery services with a focus on leveraging social engagement.

The Features in a Nutshell

  • Asset discovery, advanced search and deep linking.
  • Auto cross-currency price discovery (path payments).
  • Customizable gamer and collector profiles.
  • One-click account creation via Facebook and Google ( users have all their cards automatically imported).
  • Work with any Stellar public address.
  • Fees and reserve sponsorship for Litemint users.
  • Seamless support for claimable balances.
  • Available directly on from desktop and mobile.

The Experience

Because NFT and collectible assets are always meaningful within a group, marketplace focuses on perpetuating the social experience. For example, we want players to continue to engage as they do in the game (tournaments, ladders, reputation) while discovering and trading game assets that matter to them. To achieve this, traders are able to maintain their public profile on the marketplace to showcase and highlight their status, interest, assets and trades.

It is also important that the experience is welcoming and remains accessible to new users. We are leveraging the Stellar protocol 15 features to offer a feeless, seamless experience into the world of NFT and collectibles with one-click login via Facebook, Google or your Litemint account.

Gaming Panel at Meridian 2020 – discussing the advantages of Stellar low fees.

In line with our service philosophy, the marketplace is fully disintermediated, noncustodial. In this regard, we do not impose a specific wallet to our users. Although the Litemint wallet provides additional synergy with the marketplace, users can always use their favorite service to sign transactions including Ledger, Trezor and other Stellar ecosystem platforms and wallets.

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