What We Learned at NFT.NYC 2022 – Litemint

We are extremely proud to have been part of NFT.NYC 2022 as official speaker and sponsor. Our participation to this major industry event was a huge accomplishment, a step forward for the NFT industry and an incredible human experience for all of us!

All week meeting hundreds of creators, personalities, influencers and people from all walks of life, hearing their stories, their struggle, their experience, their success, reinforced our vision that Litemint can efficiently solve issues, push innovation and bring genuine disintermediation to digital economies. We are committed, more than ever, to service our community of artists and creators with zero commission, no platform token locking users in with inefficient, greedy and speculative schemes—with no strings attached, we bring real solutions with a human focus.

Here is a summary of what we learned at NFT.NYC.

Our Greatest Growth

Update: just 6 weeks after sponsoring this event, here is the snapshot of our stats! NFT.NYC really helped raising our profile.

Thanks to the energy brought by our team and artists there. Our camera crew worked till 4am everyday to make sure we got the final edits by the next morning. We learned that going out, seeking direct contact with creators and artists, taking the stage, can help get our message out, loud, and bring lasting returns to the pace of adoption for our project and service. This is something we will do often—we love it! ❤️

We Serve Real People

We loved hearing the life stories of Nettie, Andrew, Heather and other artists at NFT.NYC—understanding their life challenges as artists. As we were listening to them, sharing a drink together that first evening, I was reminded of this quatrain from “Le pin des Landes” by French poet, Théophile Gautier:

Landes-like, the poet with his poetry,
Unwounded, holds his treasure well controlled.
But he must bear a deep heart-gash if he
Would spread his verses’ heavenly tears of gold!

Théophile Gautier (English translation Shapiro)

No wonder why their art is so expressive, rich and engaged. We learned deeply about the real life stories of the people using our service daily and the need for platforms like Litemint to help disengage these bloated industries. We are more than ever, committed to do it right.

Marketplaces Are Made by People

Watch the full NFT.NYC presentation below:

I am so honored to have been given the opportunity to present our project on the NFT.NYC stage! The theater was huge and packed, welcoming and friendly. What a memorable experience! I decided to use these words to introduce Litemint to the NFT.NYC audience:

“Marketplaces are made by people, not by technology.”

Tech is important, and we are confident we got it right on Stellar with essential primitives allowing us to serve our community of creators with clean NFTs, low fees, secure and future proof minting. We are also hiring a mobile app developer right now ( and we are going to increase R&D to improve our service and reach.

But what we learned that we got even more right after this event is our community of creators. Thank you for being part of this journey, for walking these unexplored territories with us and taking the risk to change how things are done in this world. ❤️


We do it again! We are getting ready to make even more noise on the old continent! See you all in NFT.LONDON💂! In the meantime, keep creating, stay future-proof!

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