Resources to Build Your Next Web3 Project with Stellar x Soroban

Below is a compilation of Soroban projects and resources I’ve created over the last few months. You will find links to the source code for Litemint smart contracts, Web3 tutorials, instructional videos, and the soroban-kit library.

You’re welcome to share and use these resources freely to build your next Web3 projects!

Why Stellar x Soroban for Web3?

Building holistic experiences with the most diverse range of applications—moving beyond narrow functions—is key for ecosystems growth. This is especially crucial in blockchain-based ecosystems, which introduce new, often complex paradigms that users find challenging to navigate. Shortcomings in ecosystems quickly make for the worst UX.

The seamless integration of Soroban smart contracts to Stellar, a blockchain typically associated with a narrow focus on cross-border payments, opens up the technology untapped potential to efficiently and securely (L1) cater to a wider array of applications.

Take our Stellar-based marketplace Litemint for instance—we can now integrate essential features for creators like royalties, advanced auction systems, and realistically expand our reach with comprehensive solutions into web3 gaming, the metaverse, and beyond!

Soroban is built on a promising and versatile technology stack: Wasm and Rust. While Wasm benefits from strong standardization through the W3C, Rust, has yet to get its first official specification—let alone a standard (…Do we need one? asked Rust team lead, Mara Bos).

Rust, nonetheless, has quickly become a favorite in the dev community, being an ideal blend of low-level language with high-level features like memory safety—great for writing efficient and robust smart contracts. It is also extremely well supported by leading IDEs and development tools.

I have long supported Stellar technology for its strong potential to integrate unobtrusively into our experiences—to the point we can eventually abstract “wallets” and “blockchain”. For developers aiming to create authentic, P2P, Web3 experiences, this is the definitive technology stack.

Free Resources

Soroban-kit Library

soroban-kit is a library providing fast, lightweight functions and macros with lean, targeted functionality for Soroban smart contract development (e.g., modules to quickly implement state machines, type safety for storage…). Available on and GitHub:

Source code:
Developer video guide:

Litemint Soroban Contracts

Here is the link to our official repo hosting the open source code for Soroban smart contracts powering our Litemint marketplace and games (Royalties, auctions). All source code is MIT License.

Source code:

Soroban Snooker Smart Contract and Game Demo

Soroban Snooker is a smart contract showcasing web3 gaming with Soroban on Stellar. This project, accompanied by a simple game client, aims to demonstrate various use cases and functionalities of web3 gaming on Soroban, including in-app purchases, rewards, decentralized gameplay validation and more…).

Source code:
Developer video guide: