Litemint Monthly Roundup – July 2019. Tradable Collectibles, Malta Blockchain Summit, Stellar Meridian and More

It has been a big month here, Litemint has grown a lot, both from its features and users. The app has now reached 15,000 installs on Google Play and over 20,000 users on all platforms worldwide.

This month, I also had the pleasure to meet with Eman Pulis who invited me to the Malta Blockchain Summit in November. His event provides a very large platform for tech companies, startups and investors alike to meet during a week and Malta looks like the perfect destination for the Autumn mood. We had a quick chat about Litemint and he shared interesting suggestions for the games platform.

The 1st Stellar Conference is held in November 4th–5th in Mexico City and we are delighted to go there!

If you are heading to any of these events and want to meet, get in touch with me on Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook.

If you follow the Litemint development projects you may have seen hectic activity in July as Litemint has been brought closer to being feature complete. Here is a quick roundup:

CoinSwitch Exchange Aggregator

Litemint has partnered with top exchange aggregator CoinSwitch to power its XLM deposits from 300+ native coins. This addition I hope, will ease adoption of Litemint for new users who may not have an XLM bag somewhere already.

Tradable Collectibles and Cross Assets In-App Purchases with Path Payments

This is now a reality. The first collectible items have been issued to our daily challenge winners, one has even been traded on the DEX through the shop listing. Yes users can earn money from their skills on Litemint. Head over to the Games section to get started.

First App Integrated

Litemint is welcoming its first third-party app: Magnet Masternode Manager from Magnet Invest OÜ *. This integration features the app shop where users can buy their masternode collateral** through decentralized cross-currency payments.

Litemint is leveraging the power of Stellar, a network that democratizes transactions, opens the door to anyone, any currency, any pairs, no matter the market cap size.

Hope you enjoyed this update and till next time, happy exploration.

* Disclaimer. Although I am not a board member, employee or contractor of Magnet Invest OÜ, I am a founding member and core developer on the open-source MAG project.

** Litemint provides a technology bridge for third-party apps, however Litemint LLC does not endorse nor recommend any investment. Exercise due diligence.