Play Litemint Slice to Enter the Daily Draw!

Litemint Slice is based on Jelly Slice game, for which I won the honorable mention prize at the Tizen App Challenge competition in 2014 by Linux Foundation and Samsung. The game has a simple “slicing” mechanic yet it requires great skills to master and, I made this exclusive Litemint version even harder!

Litemint Slice is the first game to be published on Litemint instant games platform and will be running an experimental reward scheme for the occasion.


  • Start Litemint Wallet on your favorite platform (Android, iOS, Web, PC, MAC).
  • Go to the Games section and grab your Gamer ID (or Friendly Name). Note Guest players are not eligible to enter the draw.
  • Play and reach the required daily level.
  • Each player reaching the daily level will have a chance to be selected to share the daily prize.
  • Good Luck!


  • Eligible players will be selected at random by Litemint LLC to share the daily draw prize.
  • Litemint LLC reserves the right to cancel or amend the Terms and Rules at its sole discretion.
  • Litemint LLC reserves the right to disqualify participants should they behave maliciously.

An Open Source Project

Litemint source code is freely available under the developer, business and community-friendly open-source MIT License.

Litemint can be built from source, run as a fully self-hosted solution on a private infrastructure or accessed from the web app, desktop or mobile clients.

Development on Litemint happens directly on the GitHub repository and external contributors are welcome to send pull requests which will be reviewed and discussed.