Newsletter #2 – Discussing 50% User Growth, Staying Ads Free, Partnership with BlackSheep Games, Mag Marketplace…

Welcome to the second newsletter of Litemint. Built on Stellar, Litemint is an open source, apps platform and noncustodial wallet promoting crypto adoption for everyone by uniquely blending blockchain, entertainment and services.

User Growth

During the last period (Sep 20 – Oct 19), Litemint has seen 50% user growth with a record 31,559 active users on the platform spending over 10 minutes per session on average. There were 3,311 DEX trades triggered by in-app purchases, collectibles, wallet operations, an increase of 41% over the last period.

You can access the platform report here from Google Analytics.

Platform Monetization and Bootstrapping

In term of engagement and platform monetization, an initial ads experiment (a simple pre-roll) was run last month and generated enough to cover the platform costs but, following user feedback, it was clear that right now the focus should be on growth. So, I decided to keep bootstrapping the project and video/banner ads were disabled from all platforms.

However, users may see more social sharing features to help with organic reach. The goal being to reach a 6-digit figure MAU by Q1 2020, with the release of the Litemint API and the upcoming opening to third-party studios and merchants, we should be on target.

Welcoming our First Game Studio

I am also pleased to welcome our first partner game studio, BlackSheep Games. Their studio has been around for many years with titles reaching over 2,000,000 installs on Google Play. They are bringing 6 of their best titles to Litemint so expect a hectic challenge hunt in the coming days!

Galactic Missile Defense from BlackSheep Games

MAG Network + Litemint

Magnet Invest OU is developing a marketplace for digital goods called which will be available on Litemint as they are also moving to being a full Stellar-based asset.

I also take the opportunity to work with them on improving the shop presentation and features, adding search and highlights capabilities for merchant products. Merchants can sell digital products (eBooks, art, music, collectibles…) with instant downloads or transfer, they can also offer gigs and services—all transactions powered by cross-currency, P2P technology.

In the upcoming weeks, I will take time to setup a fully automated HTML5 licensing business to illustrate the capabilities of the platform and Litemint client API.

Hope you enjoyed this update, time to get back to work now. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks for reading and keep posted!