Newsletter #1 – Upcoming Games, 600% User Growth, The Way Forward for Blockchain Apps…

We are now 3 months into the launch of the Litemint apps platform with 5 pilot games, so I wanted to kick-off our first newsletter installment by sharing some exciting numbers!

Litemint has seen over 600% growth during the last quarter and 36,000 unique users have flocked to Litemint across all platforms to either enjoy some unique blockchain-powered games, rewards or use the wallet features. Retention is strong already, the average of 10 minutes per session represents a 50% increase over the previous period when Litemint was running without the app platform service and is way above the average benchmark for the industry.

You can view the full pilot stats report from Google Analytics here.

With only 5 pilot games, these results are considerably encouraging and confirm that Litemint unique approach to blend the blockchain, digital content and entertainment—creating valuable and fun experiences for everyone—is the way forward with crypto.

Opportunities for Business

The top Dapps are still only gathering a few thousands daily active users worldwide yet the mobile app market alone enjoys over a billion of daily active users. When building on new technology, bridging to the audience is always going to be the hard part—the blockchain is no exception.

On one side you have an infinite number of app users with billions of mobile gamers and opportunities for businesses of all size, and on the other you have technology that could enhance games and apps: cross-currencies, peer-to-peer payments, new and unique markets with collectibles and game asset tokenization offering endless opportunities.

Platforms should provide a bridge so blockchain apps can reach out further from blockchain users only and unlock the billions of app consumers out there. Limiting apps to the blockchain ecosystem is like if Google were to unpublish all apps that don’t use 100% of Google Play API.

Built on the blockchain as a crypto wallet, Litemint provides full native access to the new technology but most importantly, it also provides a seamless on-boarding experience for users and content. It runs apps and games—blockchain or not. The freedom to pick up just how much of the new technology we use, creates real opportunities that matters, opens new monetization funnels for creators and encourages new experiences for users.

I will keep pushing the platform towards this direction.

More Content, Games and Improvements

The initial data report highlighted several areas for improvements.

For example, the platform will be updated to run multiple concurrent daily challenges (as opposed to one daily for the whole platform now) and more statistics will be shown to users to engage social competition such as the top reward earners and all-time leaderboards to make scores less transient (currently daily reset).

Two more pilot games (Zombies Can’t Jump and its sequel) will be added to the platform in October. Feel free to head over to Kiloo website, my publisher partner (and makers of the mobile hit Subway Surfers) to test your survival skills already:

These additions will enable testing of new formats for challenges and rewards, fix a few issues on the iOS build and gather more data to adjust before the Q4 launch.

The platform is getting more robust and practical day after day, almost ready to welcome third-party developers and game studios by Q4 2019.

Thanks for reading and keep posted!