Litemint Q1 2023 – Unveiling A New Experience

An easy and powerful WEB3 experience for mobile, desktop, VR stores!

2022 has been a defining experience for us at Litemint. With the opportunity to meet and get live feedback from so many of you, across the world, we are filled with more motivation than ever to keep on building our platform to empower creators and users with the realest decentralized ownership experience.

The past few months have been very productive and to kick off the first blog post of the year, we wanted to share some exciting highlights on our 2023 Q1 roadmap.

A New User Experience

This is something we cannot wait to share more about—expect a few demos from Jieun in the coming days! Our new experience is featuring a revamped interface (rewritten from scratch!) with improved, faster navigation, discovery and stronger focus on content and creator profiles.

Think of a mix between Pinterest and Instagram for decentralized content, with media ratios preserved in searches across the platform, individual item tags and description visible on listings or collections, goodbye pagination and page reload, e.g. users can place bids on items without actually leaving the current search result page! We also added the ability to follow creators, collection and topics, pin any content on top of your profile and there is much more!

Screen featuring art by artists Ink, In25d, bttmsup on Litemint.

In general, the aim has been to provide an easier and more mainstream and modern experience while still offering all the tools and freedom you have enjoyed so far with no shortcut taken when it comes to decentralized ownership and trades.

Integrated Non-custodial Wallet

Our new experience ships with its own integrated wallet on all platforms including mobile. Essentially, users won’t need to rely on third-party wallets anymore if they wish so.

We continue to support connection to external wallets (e.g. Freighter, Wallet Connect…) however we hope this addition helps smooth out the onboarding experience for most new users especially those coming from the non-crypto world. This has often been a major point of friction which we wanted to avoid with our new release targeting users from mainstream and VR stores like Side Quest and mobile app stores (learn more below).

Mobile, Virtual Reality, Web and Desktop Experiences

This new update brings Litemint natively to the mobile world with a release on Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Stores. We are also targeting Virtual Reality (VR) stores!

Virtual Reality?

We believe that NFTs (i.e., decentralized ownership, persistence, and immutability for digital items) are an essential component to build the metaverse. VR is one of the most promising techs opening the doors to the metaverse and the industry has seen amazing growth recently with platforms like Side Quest boasting more than 2.2 million monthly active users. Litemint is also being released Q1 2023 for Meta Quest and VR Side loading platforms like Side Quest.

And Yes, you will also be able to enjoy our tradable card game directly from your VR headset!

The Road Ahead

No doubt 2023 is already one of the busiest years for Litemint. This is only the start. We are also working to leverage the upcoming Stellar smart-contract platform, Soroban, to offer you more options and better tools such as an advanced auction system and decentralized royalties.

We could not be more excited!

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