Litemint is One Year Old! Growth, Partnerships, Future, Let’s Celebrate!

During the past month, I have been in talk with several major game studios including one of the most recognizable game franchises in casual mobile gaming – you probably know them!

Although we are now waiting on feedback for regulatory advice (in fact, the only hurdle), both sides are excited about the collaboration and we are already discussing technical integration. I cannot spoil much more right now but I remain very hopeful (fingers crossed) as this would be an amazing end of year for Litemint!

And what a wonderful year it’s already been!

Stellar Growth!

On Stage presenting Litemint with Lisa Nestor and Jed McCaleb.

Let alone the stage fright while pitching Litemint in Mexico City at the Stellar Meridian conference, this year has been so rich in experiences as a developer and very productive.

Litemint now boasts over 1200 daily users in average. Although not all crypto users (yet!), thousands of them have funded their wallets. Litemint users also have the option to fund their wallet from 300+ native currencies using our integrated partner CoinSwitch, and we have already started another collaboration together to facilitate payments from native currencies to XLM.

The app and instant game platform is live since June. Built on Stellar, Litemint provides all published apps with access to the most advanced technology for fast and cheap decentralized payments. The integrated Stellar Decentralized Exchange provides the perfect environment for game assets tokenization.

One More Game for the 2019 Road?

Yes! I got to finish one of my old game projects and will use it to run the end of year challenge on Litemint! It is called Idle Brainz and, as the name suggests, it is an incremental Game (these games that keep playing when we sleep). I thought it could do well with crypto rewards.

If you like incremental games you will love Idle Brainz, and the best is that the game will stream rewards to the winning players wallet every hour!

Idle Brainz, Incremental Game + Crypto Rewards!

On a technical note, the idle-bignum library I wrote for the game is available on Github under the open source MIT license. Feel free to use it for writing similar games and to go above the 1.79E+308 limit with numbers in JavaScript.

Keep posted, Idle Brainz is coming over the weekend!

More Fun and Partners

Litemint is currently sponsoring one of the first Content Battle on, there are 1,500 XLM to win. Check this project out, it is very promising – loving anything gamification on Stellar (e.g. #StellarTorch).

Additionally, there are several major in-house projects in the pipeline for Litemint in 2020 including the NFT factory and massively multiplayer game, LITEMINT.IO.

Finally, our digital marketplace partner,, is also getting ready for release as the MAG token has now fully transitioned to Stellar. aims to provide a friendly anchor for all digital merchants. If you have any online shop, contact them!

Stellar Community Fund

For the past year, Litemint has been 100% bootstrapped from personal funds and if you like the project and want to support it – along with many other great Stellar projects (you can vote up to 8!) – the Stellar Community Funds competition is opened and the best way is to help with your vote. Install Keybase to cast it!

Thank You!

Have a happy end of year celebration and thanks for your continued support, I will return to this blog next year!

Get ready for a Stellar 2020 year with Litemint!

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