LITEMINT.IO is Now Live! is a fast pace, instant card battles game and the beta is now available to play here: aims to create a casual gaming experience similar to IO games (e.g., with fast on-boarding and fast sessions while incorporating the mechanics of collectible card games (CCG or TCG) which is particularly fit for game assets tokenization. cards are issued as collectible on the Stellar blockchain—initial issuance (after beta) will be optional and available to players connected with their wallets.

MINGLING PLAYERS is cross-platform, accessible from any device without any install requirement and supports 3 login modes (see below) with all players sharing the same experience. Allowing all players to mingle opens the blockchain world to mainstream players—an especially crucial strategy for adoption.

Guest Login. The players data is removed from our servers after a period of inactivity, yet players can immediately and anonymously enjoy similar access to content and progression as other players.

Facebook Login. At any time, players can associate their Facebook account to benefit from universal sync and permanent save.

Litemint Login. Litemint is a crypto wallet for gamers. When you start the game from the wallet, you can “own” your cards on the blockchain and trade them with anyone in the world. Litemint accounts are anonymous and free.


The beta provides a set of 20 cards that can be unlocked through progression. For the next 3 weeks, the goal is to gather enough feedback and data through analytics to balance the game and core mechanics around these core cards with the requirement that a single play session should last between 2-4 minutes with 20 seconds turn limit. So, expect a few tweaks during the next couple weeks.

After achieving initial balance, additional cards and mechanics will be designed/adjusted to have a set of 150 cards for the official release.

The most active players during the beta period will be rewarded with unique cards and rewards. After one day, we already have players with over 100 battles under their belts—some have even unlocked all the 10 cards!


Enjoy the game, do not hesitate to reach out and share your feedback:

Important Note Although there are not many cards available for the beta, some players may have a hard time unlocking them as the current matching algorithm is disregarding the level difference to allow more matches. Please be patient and persistent, as the number of players increases, the matchmaking will be fine tuned to get players of same levels together.

I also play the game extensively so we may even meet in game but beware, my deck may contain incredibly strong cards (for testing purposes^^)!

Good luck and thanks for playing!

Feel free to embed the game anywhere you like or use our widget (below).

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