IO Games with Collectibles on Litemint!

IO Games are some of the most competitive games ever. With easy-to-learn mechanics and fast onboarding, they allow players to instantly compete online against thousands of other players. These games also offer amazing opportunities for collectibles (skins and other goodies) as well as in-game economy. All these make them a perfect fit on the Litemint platform.

Needless to say, IO games will be a major component of our Instant Games platform.

PIE.AI has now been integrated to Litemint so head over to the Games section and get ready to compete against a horde of hungry players.

Here are a few additional notes before I let you go:

  • The leaderboards have been improved for the occasion and you can choose any fancy name in PIE.AI, your score will still be associated to the Litemint Gamer ID that started the game, be creative!
  • Universal syncs allow you to keep your progress between all your devices. Simply import your account to Litemint and start the game to find all your progress restored.
  • PIE.AI Team mode scores do not count toward the daily draw, so make sure you are playing in FFA mode during the promotion period.

An Open Source Project

Litemint source code is freely available under the developer, business and community-friendly open-source MIT License.

Litemint can be built from source, run as a fully self-hosted solution on a private infrastructure or accessed from the web app, desktop or mobile clients.

Development on Litemint happens directly on the GitHub repository and external contributors are welcome to send pull requests which will be reviewed and discussed.