2 Months in Beta, 1400 NFT Assets Minted, 330 Artists, 65,000 Art Pieces Tradable on Stellar.

Beta Roundup

During our first two months in beta, Litemint NFT marketplace has grown and improved a lot. We rolled out 7 updates to address our most pressing issues, increase performance and stabilize the platform. Here is a list of the most significant improvements since the release:

  • Litemint now runs 2 dedicated IPFS gateways.
  • Users can report items.
  • Art files are now delivered through CDN.
  • Upload file size limit increased to 30 MB.
  • Issuers can tag their items for better discovery.
  • Issuers can use Markdown in their descriptions (link, image…).
  • Litemint now displays NFT owners.
  • Artists can further customize their home page with a background image.

Steady Growth

Disregarding the current crypto market condition, our organic growth has been steady. We are hosting 330 artists, over 1400 NFT assets have been minted for a total of 65,000 art pieces tradable on Stellar.

We are after the real use case for NFT i.e., empowering users to trade digital art and goods in decentralized environments.

Our discord server has also grown to 1.4K members and it remains the best place to get instant updates and support for Litemint products and services. Use the following link for an invite and stay up to date with everything we are doing: Litemint.gg

What’s Next?

We are planning to run our Beta for another 3 months with an official release planned in October. During this period, we will focus on reaching feature parity with other mainstream NFT platforms while improving product synergy to ease onboarding for non-technical users.

Here is a list of features we will make available with the upcoming updates:

Timed Auctions. Timed auctions are currently being tested actively. Expect the feature to be rolled out very soon during our next updates.

Collaborative work. The feature was discussed during the Stellar Global meetup a couple weeks ago. Showcasing multi-signature contracts on Stellar, the feature enables a group of NFT artists to contribute and merge their skills into a unique piece of art (e.g. sound + graphics) and get paid—perfect to complement upcoming support for MP4 crypto art.

Royalties. We are working to bring this important feature to the platform using smart contracts on Turing Signing Servers and will be working with other actors on the Stellar ecosystem to make this a reality. Click here to learn more about TSS.

MP4 support. Litemint currently supports most web based graphics such as PNG, JPEG, SVG and animated GIF, we will extend support to MP4 during the beta.

Unlockable content. Leveraging pre-authorized transactions on Stellar, NFT issuers will be able to attach unlockable content to their NFTs.

Filters and Collections. With this feature, NFT issuers will be able to organize their art into collections and apply dynamic filters (with deep linking) to share specific part of their portfolio.

Mobile App. We are fully refactoring and revamping our open source wallet to provide a mobile-first experience for the NFT marketplace, along with full featured SDEX and wallet. Expect the full browsable marketplace content with support for all marketplace features (auctions, profiles, collections…). All open source, MIT licensed.

Stellar Community Seed Fund!

As many of you know, Litemint is among the winners of the first Seed Round of the Stellar Community Fund and it means a lot for the future!

We will be able to use these funds to foster our growth, focus on customer service, artists, community and product. A detailed plan will be published just before the end of the Beta.

Also, as we reach the end of Beta, we will be looking to hire our A-team to help us scale up our operations, so keep posted for further announcements.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about these news. Thanks for being with us since the first day and happy minting on Stellar! Any questions or comment, feel free to let us know.

Also make sure you follow us on our social channels to keep posted about our latest news:

Website: https://litemint.com/
Github: https://github.com/litemint
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LitemintHQ
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/litemint
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/litemint
Web App: https://litemint.app/
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Discord: litemint.gg
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/blockonomy

Thanks for reading.